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How To Pick The Right Size For Your Portrait

How To Select The Right Size For Your Portrait Painting

Are you planning to create a memory piece of art for your home décor? Or do you want to enhance the look of your office space with a personalized portrait or painting?

The beauty and feel of the painting totally depend on the size. Sizes of the painting play an important role.
The below size chart gives an idea to select the perfect size for your painting. We provide 6 sizes to select 8×8, 12×12, 12×16, 16×20, 18×24, and 24×36.

  • 8”x8”: This Size is recommended for One Character or Person portrait.
  • 12”x12”:  This size is also for only one person, As compared to the earlier size there is some scope for attention to detail.
  • 12”x16”: This Size is for 2 people or Characters.
  • 16”x20”:  In this size 3 characters can be fit inside the painting.
  • 18” X24”: 4 Characters can be fit inside the painting.
  • 24”x36”: In this size total of 5 people can fit inside the painting.
  • Custom Size: We also have a custom size, where the customer is free to select any size/dimension for the painting.

A portrait painting’s size is determined by its subject’s age, the artist’s style, and the expected viewing distance. When a painting is for a child, it can be as small as 2×3 inches. A portrait of a baby will typically be no larger than 12×14 inches. A head-and-shoulders portrait is usually done in an 18×24 inch frame, while a 3/4 length pose is perfect at 24×36 inches.