Separating the art from the artist seems impossible in the case of modern Hispanic artists such as Frida Kahlo

© Magall /Flickr

Pablo Picasso started this famous Hispanic painting days after the event. “Guernica”

Las Meninas represents the intimacy of the familiar environment of royalty members

Admire David’s masterpiece at the Siqueiros Polyforum in the heart of Mexico City

Some paintings by Botero seem humoristic, but they all have a sociopolitical backdrop. In “Dancer at the Bar

The Clothed Maja” is one of the masterpieces by Francisco Goya 

According to an interview, Joan was experiencing starvation due to the lack of money while he painted this piece 

The Creation of the Birds” is—believe it or not—Remedios Varo’s self-portrait

The Persistence of Memory” is Dalí’s masterpiece. Salvador Dalí was the most prominent artist of surrealism.

Most of these artists are risk-takers who didn’t doubt their abilities in terms of incorporating unseen elements. Many used their talents to portray social struggles and protest those in power